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Volunteer - Environmental Works Record

Volunteer - Environmental Works Record   

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Primary Weeding (approx. m2)

Secondary Weeding (approx. m2)

Maintenance Weeding (approx. m2)

Site preparation (approx. m2)

Mulching (approx. m2)

Monitoring (approx. m2)

Planting (No.)

Spraying (approx. m2)

Green waste/rubbish removed (approx. m3)

Site Inspection (approx. m2)

Track maintenance (approx. m)

Workshop Delivered (No. attendee's)

Water & Planting Maintenance (approx. m2)

Plant Rescue (No.)

Garden Bed Creation/Maintenance (approx. m2)

Start Time

Finish Time

PSC Staff No.

PSC Staff Hours hours

Contractor Staff No.

Contractor Hours hours

Volunteer No.

Volunteer hours

Other hours

Staff Names

Chemical Used

Qty Chemical Applied (ltrs)

Equipment Used

Weather Conditions

Wind Speed

Wind Direction

Temperature (c)

Rainfall Severity Before

Rainfall Severity After

Sensitive sites near by? (Y/N)

General Comments


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Target species (Monitoring & Survey work)


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