Application to supersize recycle service

About this Form

This form must be submitted by the owner or the managing agent.

Why Supersize?

The 360 litre bin is perfect for those households that find their regular 240 litre recycling bin is overfull, or they have excess recycling every fortnight. The larger bin allows for 50% more recycling every fortnight without the necessity for any additional bins or servicing which results in ongoing additional costs.

How to Supersize?

  1. Complete this online form
  2. Pay the one off supersize fee of $25, facilitated through the online form application Process (credit card)
  3. Council will deliver a 360 litre bin on a recycling day by swapping it with the existing 240 litre bin. There may be a wait of up to 6 weeks depending on bin availability.

Term and Conditions

  • All bins remain the property of Council and its contractor.
  • Bins must remain at the property allocated to at all times. 360 litre bins cannot be moved between properties for any reason.
  • The 360 litre bin will be emptied on the same day of each fortnight as your existing recycling bin.
  • Should the recycling contents be contaminated Council reserves the right to not collect it. Ongoing incidents of contamination may result in the bin being removed from the property.
  • I agree to pay the one-off $25 supersize fee and understand that a 360 litre bin will not be delivered until this payment is received.


By continuing to "submit an application to supersize recycle service", I confirm that I am the owner or the managing agent of this property and approve the upgrade of recycling service from 240 litre to 360 litre for the one off price of $25 which will be paid prior to the delivery of the supersized bin.

Submit an application to supersize recycle service



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Supply: Voluntary

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